Space Pirate Captain Herlock: Outside Legend - The Endless Odyssey (1970)

3.5/10 by 1 users Jan 01, 1970 30:14 min Watch Trailer

overview : On an archaeological mission to the end of the known universe, Professor Daiba unwitting unleashes an ancient horror from its confines. Five years later the malevolent alien force sets in motion a plan which reunites the various crewmembers of the Arcadia to sail the stars once more as well as bring Tadashi Daiba to meet Harlock for the first time (again).
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Tomokazu SekiTadashi Daiba
Kouichi YamaderaCaptain Herlock
Beau BillingsleaProf. Hiltz - Academy Speaker
Norio WakamotoIrita
Kappei YamaguchiTochiro