Blockers (2018)

Mar 30, 2018 102 min Watch Trailer

overview : When three parents discover their daughters’ pact to lose their virginity at prom, they launch a covert one-night operation to stop the teens from sealing the deal.
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Leslie MannLisa Decker
Ike BarinholtzHunter
John CenaMitchell
Kathryn NewtonJulie Decker
Geraldine ViswanathanKayla
Gideon AdlonSam
Amelia Oswald12-Year-Old Julie
Audrey Casson12-Year-Old Julie
Anniston Almond5-Year-Old Julie
Aubree McGuireYoung Julie
Anjal Jain12-Year-Old Kayla
Madeline Erwin12-Year-Old Kayla
Noor Anna Maher5-Year-Old Kayla
Hannah Goergen5-Year-Old Sam
Graham PhillipsAustin
Miles RobbinsConnor

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