Starstruck (2010)

Feb 14, 2010 90 min Watch Trailer

overview : Jessica Olsen goes to Los Angeles with nothing more in mind that visiting her grandparents while her sister tries to meet Christopher Wilde. One night she meets Christopher Wilde. They go an an adventure around Los Angeles and start to like each other. When Jessica returns home, Christopher, on national TV, says he doesn't know her, and never met her.
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Sterling KnightChris Wilde
Danielle CampbellJessica Olson
Maggie CastleSara Olson
Chelsea KaneAlexis
Matt WinstonAlan Smith
Toni TrucksLibby Lam
Abbie CobbAJ
Beth LittlefordBarbara Olson
Dan O'ConnorDean Olson
Alice HirsonGrandma Olson
Lauren BowlesSherry Wilde
Ron PearsonDaniel Wilde
Hugh DaneHoward
Sunkrish BalaDr. Sanjay Lad
Brandon Mychal SmithStubby

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