Animal Crackers (2017)

Nov 10, 2017 94 min Watch Trailer

overview : A family must use a magical box of Animal Crackers to save a rundown circus from being taken over by their evil uncle Horatio P. Huntington.
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Emily BluntZoe Huntington (voice)
John KrasinskiOwen Huntington (voice)
Lydia Rose TaylorMackenzie Huntington (voice)
Ian McKellenHoratio P. Huntington (voice)
Sylvester StalloneBullet-Man (voice)
Danny DeVitoChesterfield (voice)
Patrick WarburtonBrock (voice)
Wallace ShawnMr. Woodley (voice)
Raven-SymonéBrinkley (voice)
Gilbert GottfriedMario Zucchini (voice)
Tara StrongTalia (voice)
Harvey FiersteinEsmerelda (voice)
Kevin GreviouxSamson the Strongman (voice)
Anthony SavaEl Diablo (voice)
Brendan SavaYoung Owen (voice)
Alyssa TramaGretchen the Bearded Lady (voice)

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