Midaq Alley (1995)

May 05, 1995 140 min Watch Trailer

overview : Heated tempers, frustrated desires and dashed hopes plague a diverse group of individuals whose lives cross paths in Mexico City. There is the bar-owner's son, Chava, who yearns to emigrate to America. A poor barber, Abel, is madly in love with the gorgeous Alma, who eventually becomes a high-class prostitute. Finally, there is Susanita, the desperate spinster who pursues many love affairs in hopes of finding a husband.
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Ernesto Gómez CruzDon Ru
María RojoDoña Cata
Salma HayekAlma
Bruno BichirAbel
Delia CasanovaEusebia
Margarita SanzSusanita
Claudio ObregónDon Fidel
Juan Manuel BernalChava
Abel WoolrichZacarías
Luis Felipe TovarGüicho
Daniel Giménez CachoJosé Luis
Gina MorettDoña Flor
Óscar YoldiUbaldo
Esteban SoberanesJimmy
Eugenia LeñeroTina
Tiaré ScandaMaru

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