So This Is Africa (1933)

Apr 21, 1933 61 min Watch Trailer

overview : Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey play a couple of broke, hungry vaudevillians who are holed up in a hotel room with a few (tame) lions. They are hired by a movie producer who wishes to send them and their lions to Africa with a great naturalist, in order to make a jungle picture. An earlier expedition by this same naturalist was a failure, because she is afraid of animals. They all head to Africa and the lions are not mentioned again. Once in the jungle they have to fend off the amorous advances of the naturalist, of a vine-swinging native girl, and of a gorilla. They then run into the fearsome Amazon tribe, made up entirely of nubile females. Eventually they disguise themselves as Amazons to avoid being "loved to death." But these disguises lead to further difficulties when the all-male tribe of Tarzans show up for their annual mating ritual with the Amazons.
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Robert WoolseyAlexander
Bert WheelerWilbur
Raquel TorresLeader of Amazon Women
Esther MuirMrs. Johnson-Martini
Berton ChurchillPresident
Henry ArmettaStreet Cleaner
Spencer ChartersDoctor
Patricia DouglasAmazon Dancer

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