The Brave Seven (1936)

Mar 04, 1936 92 min Watch Trailer

overview : Six polar explorers arrives to a remote island in Arctic for a year-long scientific expedition. When their ship departs, they unpack only to find a young stowaway, who romanticized Arctic heroes, and tried to join them on multiple occasions finally succeeding. That's how six became seven. Life of polar explorers is tough, and full of danger. During one year they are largely isolated from the mainland, and should survive using their resourcefulness, smarts, knowledge, and existing supplies with occasional unreliable radio communications. The Seven are resilient, cheerful, they forged a true friendship. Now they are ready to face the unforgiving Arctic.
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Nikolai BogolyubovIliya Letnikov, expedition leader
Tamara MakarovaZhenya Okhrimenko, medic
Ivan NovoseltsevBogun, pilot
Oleg ZhakovKurt Schefer, radio operator
Andrei ApsolonOsya Korfunkel, meteorologist
Ivan KuznetsovSasha Rybnikov, mechanic
Pyotr AleynikovMoliboga, cook

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