Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979)

Dec 15, 1979 96 min Watch Trailer

overview : After a successful robbery leaves famed thief Lupin III and his partner Jigen with nothing but a large amount of fake money, the so called "Goat Bills", he decides to track down the counterfeiter responsible - and steal any other treasures he may find in the Castle of Cagliostro, including the 'damsel in distress' he finds imprisoned there.
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Yasuo YamadaArsene Lupin III (voice)
Eiko MasuyamaFujiko Mine (voice)
Kiyoshi KobayashiDaisuke Jigen (voice)
Gorō NayaInspector Zenigata (voice)
Sumi ShimamotoLady Clarisse de Cagliostro
Taro IshidaCount Cagliostro
Akio NojimaJapanese Delegate
Eken MineArchbishop's driver
Ichirō NagaiJodo
Junkichi YaritaSoviet Delegate
Kinpei AzusaArchbishop
Kōhei MiyauchiGardener
Mikio TerashimaGerman Delegate
Minoru MidorikawaServant
Osamu SakaBritish Delegate
Shigeharu MatsudaSaitama Riot Police Captain

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